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Holly Fish

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Chaos & Order (2024)

     Ruby has survived one attempt on her life, but now it’s time she comes into her own and finds out exactly what she is capable of. With the help of Patrick and a motley crew of vampires, Ruby will work to balance this new side of herself while facing her hardest trials to date. Number one on that list is telling her stepdad she’s a vampire.

     The prophecy hangs heavy over her head, but for now it’s a game of hurry up and wait as pressures mount on all fronts. Ruby’s growing power threatens to drive her insane with uncontrollable visions. The council isn’t sitting idly by while Ancients make their presence known. Murders continue in her small town that push the local law enforcement to find the culprit—for real this time—and they have their sights set on Ruby and her stepdad. As the lies unravel around her, truths come out that blindside everyone.

     No matter where she turns, Ruby can’t escape the ties that bind her to the human world, or the new ones chaining her to the vampires. Something has to give, and she’s afraid that something might very well be the last of her humanity.

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Praise & Reviews


I'm totally invested in this world. Vampires, coming of age, first love, self-discovery...there are such great themes throughout. The next book cannot come soon enough!

Beta Reader

Great story! This is a fun take on vampires in Alabama. Ruby is going crazy, Patrick is so cool, and I can't wait to see what happens next! Absolutely looking forward to book two!

Beta Reader

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